Please thoroughly read our terms of service before reaching out to us. By commissioning us for a fursuit, you are indicating your understanding of the following articles. If you have any questions regarding these articles, contact us via email.

 These costumes are wearable forms of art, not toys, and abuse and misuse will cause damage.

If they are not treated kindly they will not last.

 Fursuits are wearable artwork; not clothing.


At the time of acceptance into our project queue you will be given a price based on the concept and specifications you provide. If you wish to later change your design or features, this will likely affect your total price. We reserve the right to deny changes to the character design, especially if work has already started.


A 30% non-refundable down payment is required within seven daysa after acceptance. We strongly recommend making sure you are financially able to afford buying a fursuit before emailing us. We take payments but do keep in mind that the order of our project queue is based upon payments. If you stop payments, you will be pushed back. If you would like a refund and your suit has not been started you can be refunded everything except the 30% down payment.

If your suit has been started and you would like a refund you will be refunded according to how much work has been completed. We reserve the right to finish and sell your suit if this is the case. After the suit is completed there is no refund option. We reserve the right to terminate your commission at any time, with or without prior notice. Communication with the creator is to be cordial and professional.

Failure to keep up on payments, or not sending a timely DTD will push your project back.

The following would be considered grounds for termination if you in any way try to: defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten myself or otherwise violate the rights of others, including, without limitation, others’ privacy rights or rights of publicity.


No rush orders short of six month deadlines.

Rush orders will be handled on a case by case basis, however our current business model allows for us to finish all of our customers' orders within three to four months. If you would like your order rushed, it will be approximately 30% additional cost per month rushed in the queue. As this is a case by case issue, please email us with your concerns.


We can not guarantee any deadlines or completion dates, though we try our best. We are not machines. 

Doing so allows us to make sure you get the best quality in detail, build, and longevity on your suit.


FREE Maintenance and repairs is offered with each suit order with the first six months of owning your suit if the issue was due to a construction fault on our end (express shipping not covered by us).

Warranty is void if the damage is due to extreme use or abuse 

Cleaning is NOT FREE: General upkeep and cleaning is on the responsibility of the owner and not the maker, please wash all suit parts before shipping for repair.

If you would like us to clean your suit an additional fee will be required.

Note: If any alterations have been made to the costume without contacting us via email then all repair and replacement warranties become void and you cannot return it for cleaning. 

If a DTD needs to be repaired or redone (ie: holes, thin layer of duct tape, not properly done) once we received from you, it will be an additional $80 - $100 depending on the DTD size and time it takes.


We reserve the right to post photos of your fursuit for our own promotional and portfolio purposes. Each fursuit owner retains all rights, commerial or otherwise, to their fursuit and their fursuit's likeness. No other are granted rights of any kind to our promotional and portfolio photos.


Rest easily; our workspaces are both smoke and vape.

We do however have a Siamese cat named Thai Tea, so please let us know if you have a cat allergy.


​If you for whatever reason become unsatisfied, please contact us.

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